Working Process

Industry Best Practices to the Core


Information Collection

1) basic project info
2) park site requirements


Project planning

1) building CAD floor plan provision
2) communication
3) route planing


Order confirmation

1) sign contract
2) payment
3) Production


Interior Design

1)structural info provision
2)Partial decoration
3) Overall decoration drawing


Project Facility installation

1)equipment assembly
2)management system installation
3) equipment inspection after installation

Supports Service

Unwavering Support, Every Step of the Way!

(A) Operation Strategy

1) Operation Manual

i) Corporate Culture
ii) Structure and Preparation
iii) Salary Mechanism
iv) Weekly performance

2) Marketing Manual

i) Market data Analysis
ii) Layout of All Channels
iii) Pricing
iv) Marketing promotion Activifes

3) More Support Easy on You!

1.Pre opening • Market research and analysis
2. Opening • Team member hiring assistance
3. Ongoing • Consistent park + attraction innovation

4) How To Provide Operation Services

The business plan will cover location selection analysis, competitive analysis, ROI analysis, opening planning, course output, and opening time table, personnel allocation, employee responsibilities, party operations processes, security operations knowledge, pricing analysis, material preparation, cleaning, etc.

5) Training

Our training services include park operation training, daily work process training, management system training,communication skills training, operation activity training, and trampoline coach training. All these training are to improve the operation efficiency, humanized management and assessment and the communication skills of employees, which will create a distinctive service for all dfferent kind of customer groups.

6) Programs And Events

i) Birthday Party
ii) Team Building
iii) Graduation season

Supports Service

(B) Operation Gift Area

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